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What a funny week! My husband is celebrating his 26th birthday today (yay!) and we spent last night chatting about the reasons we fell in love with each other.

I suddenly understood this basic truth: we love people for their qualities but we adore them for their flaws (and my husband’s tolerance threshold is breaking all records!)

So here are “10 weird facts about me” that I hope will make you smile:

1. My favorite dishes very often include a sweet note. To be honest, if I could live in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second!

2. One of the things that could drive me crazy is the sound of someone chewing.
You know, this one disgusting kind of guy talking in the midst of his intense chewing effort – the fear that he would choke in front of my eyes gives me terrible anguish – all accompanied by a level of saliva well above the average.

The Horror.

It’s also true for certain fragrances with synthetic notes (those which are generally shown on TV and whose highly sexist advertisements praise their ability to trigger passions.) The worst: being stuck in the subway with people who STINK the synthetic scent.

Fortunately, I write stories in which I can kill people.

I swear to you: it lets off steam.

3. I deeply love ugly people. It’s a fact. I think they have something, that their true beauty is revealed to the discerning eye only.
Be careful, I am not saying that the people I find beautiful are, in reality, very ugly; I just appreciate the difference in faces and bodies, and a lot of times that difference comes through an asymmetrical line, a particularly expressive look, an unusual tone of voice, in short, that fabulous something that makes them weird -and interesting .

Actually, I’m correcting what I just wrote: I deeply love weird people.



4. I love classical music and metal.


5. My favorite city in the world (so far) is London. I was lucky enough to live there for seven months when I was 20 – a magical period when I spent most of my time wandering through museums (the free admission to their national museums is a blessing!), writing short stories, chatting on discussion forums and strolling through the most haunted neighborhoods of the city.

No sign of life (!) from Anne Boleyn’s ghost though, and it wasn’t for lack of trying to spot her!

6. My very first job was… Santa’s elf!

Chilled with cold, paid a pittance, my duties were limited to parading in the middle of the public square in a skirt and serving hot chocolate to the children.

7. I have a superpower: I attract noisy neighbors.

Very noisy.

Honorable mention: my neighbor from London.
Every night she would call her boyfriend on Skype; a verbal battle would ensue. Their outburst would wake the whole floor up and last until the early hours of the morning. We, the other neighbors, would then meet in the common hallway and share a cup of coffee and laughter.

8. My worst habit? The scraps of paper, torn in a hurry, lying absolutely everywhere in the house and which should NEVER be thrown away.

9. I never ate sushi.

10. My absolute dream would be to renovate a Victorian house in New England.
I’d like to live in a black wooden mansion in which my husband could open his office while my writing desk would take center stage in the library.

A great example: the beautiful “Scooby-Doo Mansion”!


And you, what are these oddities that make those around you crack?

Looking forward to reading you,

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Agnès Maelström is a French author who writes supernatural horror novels portraying terrifying characters dealing with abuse, violence, and trauma. Fascinated with the Occult, she has been studying Witchcraft since childhood. Her debut novel, Porcelaine, takes place in 1993 in Danvers, a small town in Massachusetts built on the remains of the infamous Salem Village. The quiet town experiences a new period of terror when Sarah, a young girl whose sharp humor is matched only by the blade of her knife, meets Porcelaine, a bewitched doll.

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