Achieving Happiness

A while ago, my step-father looked at my husband and I with an envious eye and pronounced the words that still resonate in my mind: “Guys, I like you, but let’s be honest; you have nothing. Literally nothing. Always broke, always starving, always on the verge of bankruptcy. Yet, you are happy. Profoundly content with […]

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Let’s See Where Our Musical Interludes Take Us, Shall We?

Music is Life. Without music, I wouldn’t be alive anymore. I know; that sounds a bit dramatic. (Un)fortunately, it’s both dramatic and true. Yes, music saved my life. Music is my safe haven. Even until this day, actually: whether it’s by playing the piano, or the viola, or taking opera singing lessons, and soon adding […]

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The Ultimate Beginner Witches Guides

Although it takes effort for me to admit it, I have to face the facts: I am fundamentally a teacher. Can’t help it. Teaching, sharing, giving, that’s what gets me out of bed every morning with a smile on my face. I was a Literature teacher in high school, I then became a school librarian […]

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How to Slay Emotional Vampires… and Embrace 2023!

There it is. A new year. Yay. After everything that happened in the world during 2020, 2021, and 2022 (I still can’t believe it’s been THIS long…), let’s be honest; when the clock struck twelve, I looked weirdly like this: Joking aside, the transition from a year to the following, often synonym of reflection, is […]

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Porcelaine Cover Reveal Party

This month, something AMAZING happened… To celebrate my upcoming debut novel, Porcelaine, my wonderful husband surprised me by holding a Horror themed Cover Reveal Party! I still can’t believe how great and emotional it was… Some of our closest friends and family members attended and… boy! Did I cry! Sure, we’re French, so throwing parties […]

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Writing a Horror Novel: Expectations vs Reality

I sometimes get the one question that amuses me the most: – Hey! Agnès, tell me, how is it to be a horror writer? – You mean, a fiction writer? – Nuh-uh! I mean a HORROR writer! – Well, like any other writer, no matter the genre, I work a lot, stress about deadlines, have […]

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Teaching Modern Bibliotherapy Online: A Dream Come True

I’m so proud to announce that I am officially launching my Modern Bibliotherapy online training! But, before going any further, what is Modern Bibliotherapy? Modern bibliotherapy is a form of arts therapy in which the practitioner, commonly called a bibliotherapist, prescribes a reading during a therapeutic interview. This book, carefully chosen according to different criteria […]

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Last week has been one of the hardest moments of my life: my family and I lost our little Didi. Didi was my parents’ mini schnauzer and my furry baby sister, and she passed away on her 14th birthday. We were, we still are heartbroken. Didi taught us so much of patience, and kindness, and […]

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Hygiene and the Assassin, by Amélie Nothomb

Sweep the bookcase that surrounds my Victorian living room with your eyes and then, you know. J’aime Amélie Nothomb. Her dark, charismatic characters, whom I always imagine brown-haired, pale, taciturn. Her mysterious landscapes where children meet to die; her winding streets that wind through my imagination; her murderous dialogues, revealing human monstrosity. In truth, I […]

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The Hidden Beauty of Failure

Here we are: Spooky Season is upon us! I can’t wait to celebrate Samhain this year, during our delayed super fun honeymoon! Yay! And, I don’t know about you, but for my part I really need to enjoy some time away from home. I mean, let’s be honest a minute; it’s been rough since the […]

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Summer Reading Challenge

Les beaux jours arrivent enfin, ce qui ne peut signifier qu’une chose : l’heure est à la lecture ! Pour vous aider au mieux à profiter de ces chaudes soirées estivales, je vous ai concocté un challenge spécial lectures. J’espère de tout cœur qu’il vous plaira ! N’hésitez pas à le télécharger au format PDF […]

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