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I’m so proud to announce that I am officially launching my Modern Bibliotherapy online training!

But, before going any further, what is Modern Bibliotherapy?

Modern bibliotherapy is a form of arts therapy in which the practitioner, commonly called a bibliotherapist, prescribes a reading during a therapeutic interview.

This book, carefully chosen according to different criteria that we will study within this training, will allow a greater self-awareness, a cathartic relief and a better understanding of the emotional, psychological, social and cognitive problems of the client.


If you are unsure that bibliotherapy would be a good fit for you–spoiler alert: if you like reading, and taking care of yourself and/or your loved ones, it is!— then I created a 100% FREE email course just for you:

Address A 5-Day Challenge to Rebalance Your Life With Bibliotherapy! 🖤

And my Modern Bibliotherapy training in all this?

I have designed this online training as an exhaustive guide to the practice of the profession of bibliotherapist: I will refer to case studies of readers who, during bibliotherapy sessions, have experienced real transformations on the mental level.

You will learn different techniques and have access to many work tools for a playful practice of bibliotherapy.

Training offered 100% online, it is intended for the general public as well as professionals: its various lessons are grouped into eight modules.

Here’s a sneek peak…
And, cherry on top: this is a Certificate training!

Also, to allow you to practice bibliotherapy in a professional manner, a final evaluation will determine the obtaining of your Certificate of Achievement.

This Certificate of Achievement will justify your theoretical knowledge and professional skills acquired throughout the training.

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  • you work in the teaching body and seek theoretical and practical training in developmental bibliotherapy;
  • you are a therapist and wish to diversify your practice;
  • you practice with a public of dependent elderly people and wish to integrate gerontobibliotherapy into their daily lives;
  • you are a bookseller and aim to increase your turnover;
  • you are an individual and dream of sharing the benefits of bibliotherapy with your loved ones.

Take advantage of the launch offer that I am currently running:
lifetime access to the Modern Bibliotherapy training
at the exceptional price of $27 instead of $197!


One last time, if you aren’t sure that modern bibliotherapy would suit you, no big deal! I created a FREE email course to help you rebalance your life with bibliotherapy in the matter of 5 days!

You wanna try ? Great!
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Looking forward to reading you,

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Agnès Maelström is a French author who writes supernatural horror novels portraying terrifying characters dealing with abuse, violence, and trauma. Fascinated with the Occult, she has been studying Witchcraft since childhood. Her debut novel, Porcelaine, takes place in 1993 in Danvers, a small town in Massachusetts built on the remains of the infamous Salem Village. The quiet town experiences a new period of terror when Sarah, a young girl whose sharp humor is matched only by the blade of her knife, meets Porcelaine, a bewitched doll.

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